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NBA Teams On The Playoff Bubble

NBA Teams On The Playoff Bubble

The NBA season is fast approaching the end. And while there is still time to make the playoffs, there are two sets of teams at the moment, those that are set to make the playoffs and those that are on the bubble. In the Eastern Conference, things are in a lot of regards very tight, but that does not mean the Western Conference is not going to be just as tight, let’s look at a few of the teams that are on the bubble and how they can become a bubble buster.

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls
Where have the Bulls of the 90’s went, there was a time when you had the Bulls in the playoffs and the NBA finals almost on a yearly basis. Looking at this years squad, they look like a bunch of players that just got onto the Varsity squad and are getting their sea legs under them. 16.1, that is an important number as it is the number of second chance points that the Bulls have allowed when losing. With these kinds of numbers their rebounding is going to have to improve or the Bulls will be watching from their living rooms.

Atlanta Hawks
This is another example of a team that had all the right tools, they just can’t seem to put them together to notch a win. While it looks pretty to shoot a three pointer, it is better to go for the more safe two points as the Hawks are not good at three point shooting.

Charlotte Hornets
Bubble buster is a term that you will probably not hear uttered when referring to the Hornets this season. The team is all over the charts in terms of wins and the number of points that they score. There are games that should be easy wins and they lose and games that they should lose and they manage to win. The Hornets need to get their act together.

Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks
This is really a surprise for me as I had the Mavericks going all the way this year and yet they seem to be stalling out for the most part. Inconsistent shooting is one of the things that seems to plague this team and if they have any hopes of the post season, they need to fix that now.

Houston Rockets
This is another surprise that you don’t expect to see on the bubble. The Rockets seem to have everything in place, but they are not able to put everything together. So many opportunities have been lost this season and while there is still time, they need to fix this and get back to their winning ways.

Utah Jazz
The Jazz have one serious issue that hurts them and that is the lack of defending. If that could be resolved this would be a yearly contender for the NBA Championship. All of that being said, they are not able to defend the ball and when they fail to do so, they will without a doubt, lose their games. When they get on it and defend the ball, the Jazz are unstoppable.

These are just six of the teams that have a ways to go in hopes of making the postseason. If these teams are able to fix what is wrong, then they will have no problems in winning this season. Otherwise, they will find themselves on the losing end on a yearly basis. Then there are those teams that simply have wasted their chances and are already out of the playoff picture. For those teams it is simply a matter of getting through the season and hoping the draft lottery is kind to them.


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