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NCAA Basketball Teams To Watch

NCAA Basketball Teams To Watch

*NCAA Basketball teams Worth Paying attention to:

There are certainly NCAA Basketball teams worth watching. Avid basketball fans can get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching the various teams play a challenging game of basketball.

For example, the Kentucky Wildcats are an American College Basketball team. The team represents the University of Kentucky. Kentucky is considered a division one basketball team. John Calipari is currently the head coach of the Wildcats. The University of Kentucky has had many excellent players over the years both on a college level and professional level. Some recognizable names include Kevin Grevy and Alex Groza. In addition, Eddie Sutton is another very recognized and successful player.

Kentucky has played in 17 NCAA Final Fours. In addition, Kentucky has won a total of 8 NCAA Championships. The team won the National Invitation Tournament on two occasions. Kentucky holds an all time record of 2226-687.

The Texas Longhorns is another team that is well worth paying attention to. Kerwin Roach is one of the teams lead players. The Longhorn’s have an outstanding defense and it seems to be getting better over time. Jarrett Allen is another key player on the team. Allen and Roach have led this time to many victories and many anticipate their two key players will continue to get better.

The Indiana Hossiers James Blackmon will be back in business after suffering an injury last season. Blackmon is certainly a key player and his absence was certainly felt in many ways. The Hossiers represent Indiana University and they are considered a division one basketball team. Indiana does compete in the Big 10 Conference.

The Hossiers have 5 NCAA Championships to their credit. In addition, the Hossiers are 7th in their Tour appearances. The team won 22 Big Conference ten Championships. Also, the team holds one of the highest winning percentages in comparison to other teams.

*Coach Scott Drew made Baylor a better team:

Baylor is another team worth following this season. Baylor has had some very tough schedules in the past. Baylor has an excellent chance of making it in the March Madness Tournament. The Baylor Bears represent Baylor University located in Waco Texas. Scott Drew is currently the head coach of the team.

The Baylor Bears are a division one basketball team. In addition, the Bears do compete in the Big 12 Conference. The team did suffer through some serious mishaps in the past. However, it seems Scott Drew brought the team back to life. In 2008 the team had a Conference record of 9-7. In addition, in 2009 the team won a post season victory which was a major accomplishment for the Bears.

It appears the Bears have played much better games over the past five years. Many attribute their playing success to the coaching methods that have been employed. In 2013, the Bears had another winning Champion season while only dropping one game to UT. The Bears made it all the way to the finals with an extraordinary win over Iowa.


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